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These Terrorists Are Still With Us; Don’t Celebrate Yet – CAN Warns Federal Government

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By Ayodele Oni

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has told the Federal Republic to stop celebrating victory over terrorism in the country.

The association flayed the kidnapping of 43 worshippers at the Cherubim and Seraphim Church in a Kaduna community, saying that despite the victory songs by Security Agencies in recent times, attacks by terrorists in communities have continued.

“The victory songs should be lowered down until the fight and the battle are completely won. We don’t need to sing songs of victory because these criminals are on the move and are still having their way.”

Vice President of CAN in the North, Rev Joseph Hayab, while reacting to the incident stated that “57 people or 43 people are not just 3 people, they are a whole community.

“We feel sad about it.We condemn this in totally and we appeal and call on the government to urgently do something and ensure that things like this don’t continue to happen because the more things like this happen it creates fear in the mind of people.

“It creates confusion and makes people to continue to doubt any other story they are going to hear.The assurance that all is well is been questioned now.”

Rev. Hayab, who is also Chairman of the apex Christian organisation in Kaduna State, pointed out that security agents should go after these criminals until these worshippers are rescued and returned to their homes.

“We also appeal to people in Church that it’s not enough for us to think that all is well now and go into our church without taking measures.

“The kidnap of worshippers who went to participate at the All Night Worship of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church in Kurmin Juwa of Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State; Kurmin Juwa is a community just behind the market at Kasuwan Magani, came to us as, shock and disappointing.

“At a time we are thinking that progress is being made, we are back to this sad story.

“Because on that fateful night; it was a Wednesday, these bandits took away 57 people .Some escaped on the road and as I speak to you now, 43 are still with the bandits and they are demanding a huge sum of N200 million.

“That’s to tell you that on the side of us and security, we are also to be careful. Let’s not jump and be making statements too early, jump and celebrating victory too early.

“Let’s continue doing the best we can do in carrying out this war until victory is assured because the enemies of the people and the enemies of the state are still strategizing to cause pains.

“As a church we pledged to continue to give the support we know how to give in telling what we know so that it helps the security agencies in addressing this matter.

“But I think we should use more discretion in handling this matter, the way things are at this moment.

“I’m appealing to all Christians especially in Kaduna State and in many parts of the North where these criminality is still going on, that if we must go to church, if hundred people are in church; there should be 30 people outside who are watching.

“There should be 10 people outside who are watching, it could be alternating hours or time for these people who are watching than just go in as if all is well and we have ourselves lamenting on what we could easily help.

“Don’t think if you’re outside you’re not part of the worship, the one who sits outside and those inside receive the same blessings.”

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