About Us

The Source was incorporated on December 23, 1996 as a publishing outfit by Summit Publications Limited. It roared onto the Nigerian newsmagazine market on Monday, April 7, 1997 with the first edition of The Source, its major title. The Source was conceptualised to be the peak of journalistic excellence in Nigeria – a great newsmagazine that will present news and news analysis with intellectual, as well as presential, scope and depth and vision.

The dream, essentially, is that of excellence and enterprise so well blended together in quintessential journalism that it radiates a compelling multi-level appeal, which will constitute the irresistible lure for its target readers: the educated, open-minded middle to upper-income earner with a discerning interest in issues and events and a desire to be the best the print media can offer: News from the depth, rooted in time.

Produced by a carefully selected team of media professionals led by Comfort Obi, first winner of the Nigeria Media Merit Award (NMMA) Reporter of the Year prize (1991), as Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, The Source, with head office located at No. 30, Emina Crescent, off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos, continually strives to set the standards in The New Journalism. Which is why, for incisive insights into Nigeria, nay the world as it is today, you’ll need to soak in at the source.

The package, a four-course menu compartmentalised as follows: Nigeria (Government & Politics); the World; Business & Economy (including Science and Technology); and Back of the Book (i.e. Arts/Media, Life/Living and Sports).