Nigerien Governors Campaign For Buhari raises Specter of AQIM, Other Terrorist Groups

By Uche Mbah

The last is yet to be heard about the campaign visit of two Nigerien Governors to Kano to help in the presidential Campaign of Muhammadu Buhari with the opposition fearing importation of mercenaries to help in rigging the February 16 Presidential Elections.But worrisome in some quarters is the fear that the open border initiated by the visit may make it possible for foreign terrorist organizations to infiltrate the Nation for post election mayhem.

It will be recalled that 62 officials of the Niger Republic, including two governors and their aids were on ground in Kano  during the APC presidential campaign. All dressed like the officials of the All Progressives Congress officials, they participated in the rally fueling speculations that they must have come with so many who were part of the crowd. Immediately after, reactions trailed the incidence, with many, especially on Social media, venting their anger. Salihu Tanko-Yakassai, Media aid to Kano state Governor, Umar Ganduje, uploaded the pictures on Social media.

Reactions trailed the report, with many on social media expressing outrage. For example, Meastro Cornplanter, a private American citizen, queried whether it is to be frowned at.

“Is this a bit unusual? What if Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un joined the campaign? Would you need a special prosecutor to investigate for foreign “collusion”?”, he asked.

The Nigerian law is said to be against foreign financial contributions to campaigns, but is silent on foreign physical participation.

The opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, was not amused. Reacting to the issue, the PDP Chairman, Uche Secondus, insisted that it is not in the interest of the country.

, “We have been saying it that the President does not consider the interest of Nigerians first in any of his actions. The President of Nigeria has sold the country to those who he loves more than the people who own the nation.

“The present of the two foreign governors is significant in many ways. One, it shows that the President and the APC, like we said, have been importing foreign leaders to the country to attend their rallies.

“We have been saying this and I’m happy Nigerians now that God has exposed them. Their evil plot has come to the open.

“You know that even in almost all the states where the President and his party have become unpopular, they keep on boasting that they will win with a landslide victory. One of the ways they planned to get the votes is the illegal importation of foreign voters, who are also underage.

“We want to call the attention of Nigerians to this assault on our sovereignty. We want the foreign and developed democracies to take note of this action and hold the President responsible if there is crisis before, during and after the elections.

“It is sad that the minister in charge of internal security of the nation was present. We know that they are planning negative things ahead of the elections. We just want to warn them not to plunge the country into crisis.”

Rumors that thousands of permanent Voters Cards registered to Nigerien Citizens  were found in the house of Lawan Daura,  a former DSS boss, when he was removed were rife, but has not been denied nor confirmed by the presidency.

But there are more fears that this may open up the Nigerian territory for the influx of international terror organizations . Already, Al-quaeda in the Maghreb, AQIM, and the Islamic State, IS, has claimed that they have links with the Boko Haram terrorist organization,. According to those in the know, the borders has become so porous that it will be difficult to checkmate their influx. “It may not be far wrong to assume that these people may come in to vote and stay back to foment trouble if the incumbent loses”, a PDP stallwart told this magazine last week.

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