Again, Airpeace runs into turbulence

Air peace: under turbulence

The Aviation industry has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in recent times. Last week, Dana Air flying from Lagos to Abuja suffered door mishap on arrival to Abuja Airport, a situation that generated controversy with passengers exchanging crossfire with the Airline. Why the Airline insisted that a passenger pushed down the door, passengers claimed that the door was making funny noise during flight. This time, reports indicate that there was a robbery incidence involving an Arik aircraft taxing for take at the off in Lagos. The…

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Dana Air door fall off after landing

Dana plane

Reports from passengers who flew Dana Air indicated that the door of the Aircraft fell off on landing. The Aircraft was said to be coming from Lagos to Abuja, and on landing at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, and taxing on the runway, the exit door reportedly fell off. Not all passengers, however, noticed the fall off, as some though it was an explosion. But a passenger, Ola Brown, took to her twitter page to report the issue. “Flew Dana. Exit door was unstable throughout flight. As we touched down, it…

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