Imo: Okorocha, Stop The Looting, Shame The Devils

Comfort Obi

By Comfort Obi The seeming confirmation of the story was not sweet to the ears – the story of the alleged massive looting going on in Imo state. The confirmation, by a reliable source, came on a wrong day, a day the people had dubbed the real beginning of the end of their nearly eight years in the wilderness. The story was a kill-joy. The governor-elect, The Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, was inaugurating members of his Inaugural Committee. And, even though only the appointed members were expected to be allowed into the…

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I’m Embarrassed For The Ojukwus

By Comfort Obi Any true Igbo son who held, and still hold Ikemba Nnewi, Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, of the blessed memory, in reverence, should be embarrassed by the turn of events in his nuclear family. They must be embarrassed by the gutter behaviour of a couple of the children he sired! And for women, especially Igbo women, they should rise in anger against these Ojukwu children, specifically, Dr. Ike Ojukwu and Emeka Ojukwu Jnr. Both men deserve no respect from any woman who has any self-esteem. Ever since their father…

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Imo: Okorocha And His Deputies

By Comfort Obi The tragicomedy in Imo state continued on Tuesday, July 31. The swearing-in of the new Deputy Governor-elect, Calistus Ekenze was aborted. Until his hurried elevation,  Ekenze was the Head of the Civil Service. But for the abortion, he would since have become Governor Okorocha’s third Deputy. But a High Court in the State temporarily denied him that unenviable record. According to media reports,  dignitaries, including Okorocha and Ekenze,  waited in vain, for hours. Neither the Chief Judge of the state,  Paschal Nnadi, nor his representative, appeared for…

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