OBJ: Nigeria’s Letter-Writing specialist

By Gwiyi Solomon
Even though he may not have been overtly antagonistic against the present government of Muhamadu Buhari on customary basis like the former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode and the Governor of Ekiti State, Mr. Ayodele Fayose; yet, he is no less Nigeria’s pen-specialist.
He is clearly, not known to be a writer; more so it is pointless comparing his scribbling skills with that of Prof. Wole Soyinka and the late Chinua Achebe, world notable writers with five-star-decorations from this part of the world. Yet, his letter-writing skill is a downpour.
His diction in such letters comes without colorations; as they are usually and carefully skewed with long-windedness in bluntness. Then, without recourse to whose ox is gored, he gets down to his national assignment – opening the damn of furry like rainfall on whoever has become his target point.
And this he does with every fiber he has possessed like the former Army General he is; damning every likely consequence and daring the belligerent. And thereafter, he takes to the delivery point – Nigerian media

Ignore the content of his formal and usually, long letters to your own peril; launch scathing attacks on the same to your own detriment. Then, try playing smartness by carefully avoiding reacting to the points raised in his address to your own impairment.
Former president Goodluck Jonathan can convincingly attest to the efficacy of open Letters authored by former president Olusegun Obasanjo (now with PHD), especially at a time the Nation totters, wobbles, dangles and quiver in a wandering circle.
In his eighteen pages letter, with the caption “Before it is too late” OBJ as he is fondly called, itemized the sins of Jonathan to include allowing deceit, corruption and mutual distrust to tear the nation apart. He then went forth to galvanize against Jonathan’s second term bid.
But Jonathan ignored him and went all out to re-contest Nigeria’s plum job. And the rest today, is history. The result of that venture was devastatingly monumental as the PDP are still counting their losses since coming out of that poor outing.
And just penultimate week, the same Nigeria’s letter-writing guru had picked his untiring pen and chronicled a thirteen-page letter, where he chose a new target-point – President Muhamadu Buhari. In that full onslaught as expected, the former leader had outlined Buhari’s flaws to include nepotism, clannishness, poor performance, insensitivity etcetera.
And what did Buhari say in response? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Speaking through his information minister, Mr. Lai Muhamed, Buhari carefully avoided joining issues with the former leader; instead he hailed him as “patriotic” and thanked him for his “observation.” Wonder!
To think of it, what is peculiar about Obasanjo’s message to Buhari? What has he said in his letter that other Nigerians have not said against this administration, but was visited with Garba and Adesina’s (both presidential spokesmen’s) vituperations?
Every Nigerian knows what is different in the letter though. The dissimilarity between this letter and many other letters is the personality involved, not the note itself. The distinction is the messenger, not the message. Chief Obasanjo’s words are full of power: they come with actions as they are not mere lexis. President Buhari knows this to be true; his aids too.
And abruptly, they woke up from their slumber and arrested the former SSG, Babachir Lawal who was accused of corruption many months ago without trial. And suddenly, they started making frantic moves to save their faces from the impending and imminent danger awaiting them. Shame!
This is an indication the letter was sent and received successfully without hitches. I am sure the president has taken note and probably, has resolved to shelve his 2019 ambition in the interest of the Nation and so as to take his “deserved rest as advised.
Only this singular decision and no other would present APC as not anti-people but as a political party in the business of 2019. But anything on the contrary will wreck whatever remains of the Party’s tainted integrity, following poor handling of governance and democratic administration.
Meanwhile, I stand with “coalition for Nigeria.”

Gwiyi Solomon wrote from Enugu.

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