Dana Air door fall off after landing

Dana plane

Reports from passengers who flew Dana Air indicated that the door of the Aircraft fell off on landing. The Aircraft was said to be coming from Lagos to Abuja, and on landing at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, and taxing on the runway, the exit door reportedly fell off. Not all passengers, however, noticed the fall off, as some though it was an explosion.
But a passenger, Ola Brown, took to her twitter page to report the issue.
“Flew Dana. Exit door was unstable throughout flight. As we touched down, it fell off. Scary stuff. I was closer to the front so when I heard the sound, thought it was an explosion. Couldn’t quite comprehend that it had just fallen off…”
But in a swift reaction, Kingsley Ezenwa, Media and Communications Manager at Dana Air, said someone must have tried to open the door before such a thing could happen.
“We also wish to enlighten the author that, when an aircraft is airborne, it is fully pressurized and there was no way the seat or door could have been ‘shaking’ as insinuated,” he said. “There was also no threat to safety at any point. The flight was only delayed for 8 minutes as we needed to demonstrate to the regulators that the safety and comfort of our guests is at the centre of our operations. We wish to apologize to our guests for any inconvenience such report may have caused and for the slight delay on the return service to Lagos.”
Dana Air, one of the domestic Airlines that have been struggling to operate under harsh economic conditions, is not the only airline with unhealthy Aircrafts. Many Airlines try to cut corners in their usual checks, particularly the C check because of cost implications. And alleged corruption in the industry is also to blame. If these things are not viewed with the seriousness it deserves, the Nigerian airspace will continue to be a disaster waiting to happen.

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