Buhari Back from London To Face Escalating Insecurity Amid N100 billion Controversy

By Uche Mbah President Buhari arrived from London Sunday to face escalating security crisis in the Northern and western part of the country after the Presidency came under fire for allegedly agreeing to pay the bandits N100 million to stop them from continuing attacks on the populace. If the reports are correct, it raises issues of who approved the payment since Vice President Osinbajo could not have signed for the money as the Vice president. Only the President or Acting President could have signed that. Besides, such amount of money…

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The Tragedy of The Nigerian Woman

Comfort Obi

By Comfort Obi You will, please, excuse me if the title above does no justice to the subject matter here.  Getting a title was difficult for me. And that is because I am, at once, overwhelmed and dumbfounded by the subject. I am not addicted to the social media, which explains why one is not likely to find me on most platforms. In my house, they call me old school. And my standard, if weak, response is: How did we survive before this “mad” era? Being old school can be comfortable…

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